Comprehensive monitoring
of your network infrastructure

Take control of your business infrastructure. Our monitoring provides you with relevant data about your network, so you can be notified of any outages or threats in time to prevent potential issues.

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Mind your business.
Leave your systems to the experts.

We have years of monitoring experience across a range of industries.


Ensure the stability and availability of your network and servers with expert monitoring. Your customers will 

  • enjoy a better shopping experience,
  • increase trust in your e-shop.
  • And you won’t miss purchases that wouldn’t have been made if you were down.
Transport and Logistics

Keep critical data such as order and delivery information available anytime, anywhere. We’ll help you run your business more efficiently and reduce costs by keeping your systems stable.

Retail and Services

Professional infrastructure monitoring helps you prevent problems or outages and maintain the stability of your business. Your cash registers or electronic tills shall be available 24/7, and you shall not lose any important data or customers.

Manufacturing and wholesale

Don’t let system failures disrupt your production or sales. Improve business efficiencies, avoid common issues and optimize costs with IT infrastructure monitoring.

Small and medium enterprises

A secure and efficient IT network is essential for any small or medium sized business. When you let our experts monitor your infrastructure, we’ll help you optimize its performance, keep your data secure and ensure its stability, which will save you time as well as money.

Online media and Media houses

Providing visitors with the best possible experience every time they visit your site is essential for any online media company. With monitoring, you can be confident that your services are always available. We’ll help you optimize your speed and protect your users’ sensitive data.

Our solution is trusted by companies in various industries

Focus on your business
and let us take care of the monitoring and management of your infrastructure.

We’ll take care of the continuous monitoring of your infrastructure so you can focus on what matters. With our solution, you have a perfect overview of your network and all its elements. Your infrastructure will be stable and always ready to integrate new solutions. You’ll avoid outages and the associated costs of network repair or customer compensation.

24/7 network overview

Constant overview
of potential risks

Easy and fast
integration and scaling

Remote access
to hybrid infrastructure

operational continuity

notifications and reports

Looking to streamline the way you manage your IT infrastructure?

Let us become your IT partner, to ensure that your network is monitored 24/7, ready for seamless scaling or integration, without much effort or cost. With our solution, you’ll benefit in many ways:

  • Your services are always available
  • Gain insight into network availability and utilization when you need it
  • Avoid threats and outages
  • Save the cost of an in-house team and network service
  • Keep your network running smoothly and transparently
  • Integrate with the cloud from one place
  • Assign alerts to your team members
  • Get regular status and risk reports

You can connect any device to your IT infrastructure as your business requires.

To ensure that these devices work together without interruption or failure, we constantly monitor the data transfer between them on your network.

Schematic of the cloud solution for Čierne diery

Choose a package that fits your company’s needs.

We provide you with monitoring on your own devices

On premise

2500 €


Up to 25 endpoints
12 months commitment
Support 250 € per month

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250 €


Up to 25 endpoints
12 months commitment
Support 250 € per month

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We take care of your systems operation

If you are considering which option would be the most suitable for your company, please contact our colleagues who will be happy to help you find the most suitable solution.

If you have additional questions about how monitoring works or other features, please leave us a phone number and we will contact you shortly.

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