Computing capacity on our own infrastructure in multiple locations.

Our services are based on personal contact with the customer. To avoid misunderstandings, your developers and technicians communicate directly with our engineers. Simple is better.

Our techstack:

“We are a small software company and have never had a dedicated person to look after the server. This was often the reason why our services were not available. Bonet completely designed and took care of the entire infrastructure for us, allowing us to focus on our products. Communication is proactive and fast, we are satisfied.”

Matúš Mirossay Demeter

CTO & Senior Data Analyst, eSoul Systems

“BONET provides us with a virtual server service with administration and backup for our e-shop. We are very happy with it, since we switched to this service, our website has experienced virtually no downtime in availability and works very fast.”

Ľuboš Bednár

Director, Frutia, s.r.o.

“Bonet’s approach combines not only high technical expertise, speed and flexibility, but above all a willingness to proactively go further, move forward and help in crisis situations.”

Vladimír Drozd

CTO, eFabrica a.s.

“Bonet is an excellent partner, especially because of their ability to solve not only the standard network requirements, but also the less common ones. Their friendliness and helpfulness only enhance the feeling that we can always rely on Bonet”.

Miroslav Polniš

CIO, Petit Press, a.s.

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